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Call Limits and Fraud Prevention

Due to the nature of IP telephony and the attraction for fraudsters, we have had to adopt default but modest limits on the value of calls that can be made per day as well as the value of the pence per minute rate.

We currently set a £50 per day call limit after which time you will hear a recorded message advising no more calls can be made.

Additionally, calls above a cost of 20p per minute are completely blocked and you will hear a recorded message when attempting to call one of these.

Should you need either of these limits removed, please contact us via your portal.

We do have to make clear however that calls made on your account are your responsibility. Whilst we do have monitoring in place to catch commonly abused numbers, this should not be relied upon. Your extension details should remain only known to you and you must ensure that your hardware is kept up to date and unreachable (i.e protected by a firewall) from the outside world. Furthermore, if you run your own SIP server, you must ensure that is fully secure.

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