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Outbound Porting Procedure

You can port your existing number to any provider that we have an existing porting agreement with. Please see our current  list of partners before submitting your request. If your new provider is not listed, they can contact us via the Ofcom NMS to arrange a porting agreement. Our CUPID is 855.

Once a request is received from an existing partner, you will be notified of the port via email. The date the port will complete is set by the gaining provider.

The cost to port your number is set by the type of number purchased. This cost is for the port administration as well as ongoing routing of the number as a single number remains with the range holder.

  • Standard numbers - £25
  • Bronze numbers - £50
  • Silver numbers - £250
  • Gold numbers - £500
  • Platinum numbers - £1000

The cost of the port is billed prior to the port being completed.

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